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Reward Points System

Reward Points Program Introduction

To encourage our customers place orders and to give back rewards to our loyal customers, iBuygle release a reward points system. You will have more fun to shopping with us.

There are two kinds of points:

  • Reward Points: given as amount, can be used in checkout to cover service fee
  • Experience Points(Ex.Pts): accumulative points, used to devide customer's level, express buyer's loyalty
Please Note: All kinds of points would be sent to your account only after you confirm the parcel delivery of an order.
Click here to learn How to Confirm Order Delivery.

How Can I Earn Points?

  1. New customer will gain 300 Ex.Pts after create an account.
    (You may earn reward amount if iBuygle has promotion, please check our site announcement)

  2. Place orders: earn the same points as item price(not include domestic s/h) to Ex.Pts and 100:1 amount to reward points.
    For example, buy 100CNY item will get 100 Ex.Pts and 1CNY rewards amount.
    *You need to confirm order delivery to get the points.

  3. Refer your friends to register on iBuygle and place effective order will gain 500 Ex.Pts.

  4. If the referral complete his first order(operation of delivery confirmation), the referee would get the same Ex.Pts and 50% reward points plus a fixed amount 5 CNY.
    For example: Customer A bring customer C to iBuygle, C placed an order to buy 600 CNY items, when C confirm the order delivery, C will get 6 CNY rewards and 600 Ex.Pts, meanwhile A will earn 8 CNY (3+5) rewards and 600 Ex.Pts.
    To learn How to Use Customer Referral Program?

  5. Write and submit testimonials to gain 200 Ex.Pts.

  6. Bug reports: find and submit effective bugs report will get 500 Ex.Pts and 5 CNY reward points.

  7. Participate iBuygle promotion activities to gain rewards and points, please pay attention to our announcement.

How to Use Reward Points?

  • Reward points can be used during checkout, only to cover the order service fee.
  • Accumulative reward points never expired and can be used anytime you like.
  • Customer can not request to exchange the reward points to cash for refund or withdrawl.
  • Any kinds of points are not allowed to transfer to other customer's account.

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